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Post Info TOPIC: The Poldark Appreciation Society


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Date: Sep 26 9:30 AM, 2010
RE: The Poldark Appreciation Society

I wrote to them years ago never got a reply either  confuse

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Date: Sep 23 5:38 PM, 2010

For any further information about the PAS please contact their last known address "C/o 4 The Tower House, Lostwithiel,Cornwall, PL22 OAF."


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Date: Jun 14 10:11 PM, 2009

Hi Caroline, just wondered if you ever attended one of the costume PAS balls, must have been such wonderful events, such a shame they just disappeared so mysteriously.  Have you ever had the good luck and pleasure of meeting any of the cast?


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Date: Jun 14 9:50 PM, 2009

Hi Jacqueline

Good question. No one seems to really know what has happened to the PAS. I was a member in its later years though unfortunately not during the time when they stormed Parliament to complain about HTV...sort of wink They used to have the most wonderful balls where everyone would dress up as a character and some of the cast would attend, usually Robin and Angharad. Again, before my time cry

Then I just stopped getting newsletters and requests for subs and, on investigation I couldn't find anything out about them. They just disappeared without trace. They never did have an email address or a website to my knowledge. I seem to recall that Val, who used to run it, found it a lot of work in later years and I think she felt a bit unappreciated when such a lot of effort was put in.

A great shame but maybe the series was just too long ago to hold the interest required for something like that. And being pre-internet probably didn't help.

If I've got any of this wrong I hope someone will correct me. This is just what I have gathered. Sorry it's not better news.

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Date: Jun 14 7:37 PM, 2009

I recently watched a rather interesting half hour documentary called "The Cult of Poldark" which I suppose that most members have seen.

It was interesting to see how well (or not) the actors have aged. Robin Ellis and Angharad Rees have aged really well and look great but Richard Morrant and Jill Townsend, who I was really surprised to find was an American) unfortunately have not - however, fortunately they both seemed healthy enough which is the main thing.

The programme referred to the Poldark Appreciation Society. Does this society have a website? If so could anyone provide me with it's address?


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